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   is characterized by modern and effective devices to use modern technology to more accurately to get rid of the gum dental laser device problems Elexxion claros

Which performs many of the remedial actions such as removing Blackened gums and teeth whitening in addition to cutting excess gum and tooth crown lengthening and spare bridle gingival and assistance to heal and remove pain of foot ulcers. The device uses a wide dental implants in Kaltaqim around the implant and to help heal wounds and stop the bleeding after dislocation and agriculture as well as to remove salivary stones and many other remedial actions.
Previously, removal of dyes gum operations depend on the surgical procedure, through the anesthetized patient topically then scrape a thin layer of the gum and the development of a private place surgical bandages, but at the present time and with the scientific progress and the development of lasers multiple and their use has become possible to remove Blackened gums without pain and without surgery and short time , via laser light to shed on the desired area and through a simple minutes we get satisfactory results and the patient needs to painkillers and other drugs, and this is achieved by Elexxion Claros device.